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No one can accuse Garvin, the designer of this drunk matching 50’s couple, for thinking small: “Hip Nip can be used for Scotch, Mouthwash, Gin, Shave Lotion, Rye, Urine-analysis, Bicarb, Bourbon, Malted, Aspirins, Deodorant, Suntan oil and Hairdressing”.  His mate, Hot Nip, only promises “to keep you warm”.

hip nip hot nip, bottles_9391

Hot Nip and Hip Nip are screen-printed and textured on soft plastic pint flasks.  They have rubber heads and a screw-on cap wedged into their fat wrestler necks.

hip-nip-head-sm_9395                   hip-hot-nip-sm_9388

Although these are most valuable as a set, I’m not sure they were manufactured at the same time.  “©Garvin… Milbit Mfg Co, Inc” is in 9 point flush left and flush right type at the bottom of Hot Nip while “©Garvin-Milbit” is in 3 point type centered at the bottom of Hip Nip.  Though the discrepancy – most matched sets have consistent copyright info and placement – could also be because Garvin was out of room after he listed the voluminous amounts of substances that  could inhabit Hip Nip or perhaps had imbibed some of them before he started.

hip-nip-hot-nip,-bottles_9402-2              hip-nip-hot-nip,-bottles_9403-3“Milbit” is also carved into Hot Nip’s neck while Hip Nip’s remains bare:

hip-nip-hot-nip,-bottles_9405-2          hip-nip-hot-nip,-bottles_9404-2

Hot Nip is rarer than Hip Nip though they are both very popular citizens in my kitchen kommunity of Kitch.


In the 1950’s, people were very creative about how they packed their liquor to self medicate at ballgames, in cars or just to show off at parties.  This flask, sold in magazine catalogs and naughty peep shops, was one of the most popular ones around for very obvious reasons.


Made by Master Plastics, BB stands a lofty 7 inches high and contains enough liquor to do the trick several times over. No double entendres intended on the words “high” and “trick”.


I love the bikini line in the lower 40.  Although it doesn’t continue in the back so maybe she just oinked on a few ounces.

busom-buddie-flask-back busom-buddie-flash_5091 busom-buddie-flask_1690