In the 1970’s, more owls lived on wood paneled walls than in trees. The owl is clearly the National Bird in the state of Kitsch as flocks of them thrive in burnt metal, ceramic and the all important Hi Art of Kitsch, String Paintings. This one is especially fancy, incorporating mohair yarn as feathers and a driftwood perch.

String art kits are still available.

Here’s an especially slap happy string art guy.

yarn-owl_8132 yarn-owl_8130


Not sure what about “MG” inspired his or her initials to be painted on a roll of toilet paper but I’m elated that the artist known as “Ellen” squeezed the oils out for this masterpiece. Too many obvious jokes here so I’ll leave them up to you. Tho I must say the choice of dark brown for the background color is appropriate.



I especially love Poodle Boy’s Liza Minelli dayGlo green hair, his little paw hands and the way his angora-on-speed sweater reflects on his eyelids. Poodle Girl’s excellent 60’s Russ Meyer meets Charo hair, Angelyne lookalike vibe and dayGlo harlequin top more than make up for the fact that she’s painted so low on the canvas she has no hands, paws or whatever you call that body part on such a species. Not sure what the inspiration was for these weeping canine twinged youth but the fact that these velvet paintings are slightly common didn’t deter me from popping down the $1.25 it took to own the set as a great Kitsch collector should never pass up human subjects with snouts and whiskers.