I met Brandon Victor Dixon when he was cast as Harpo in the original cast of the musical I co-wrote, The Color Purple. Brandon did the regional opening in Atlanta and then went on to open as Harpo on Broadway. He also came back for a short stint in the first national touring company of the show. I’m insane about Brandon, an incredible actor, incredibly hot right now as Berry Gordy in the Motown musical, incredibly handsome, incredibly nice, and an incredible and loyal friend.

When we started getting so many original Motown artists, songwriters and producers on “The D”, it seemed crazy not to have Berry Gordy. I was warned that he didn’t do a lot of stuff like this, be in documentaries and such, so I kept putting off trying to figure out a way to get to him. Then out of the blue Brandon emailed and said he was coming to LA and I thought if I can’t get Berry Gordy then I’m going to do the next best thing and get THE NEW Berry Gordy. And so Brandon, on his way to the actual Berry Gordy’s house as soon as he finished recording with us, gave us all the Berry Gordy we needed for “The D”.

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