1950’s Parisian Poodle Clothes Hamper
From the collection of: Lasagne Lady Fitch
Located in : Fashion, Travel


I love the atmosphere of “je ne sais quoi” conveyed by this hamper. Of all the gorgeous images that Paris conjures up and it is paired with my dirty undies. There is something so special and demented about that. Just as the dog walks and sniffs everything, one big whiff inside this laundry hamper will gag and make you recall your fabulous trip to Paris, France and all the smells that went with it.

What Allee has to say about this:
The design on this is great. I love that the vinyl it’s on is that kind of ice pattern that was on so many Formica tables. It really captures the essence of the 50’s between the vinyl, the French poodle, the Eiffel Tower, the style of illustration, the pink glove holding the pink leash and the coup d’Kitsch, the rhinestones that pepper the tower, gloves and poodle tufts.