Vintage Barrel Table & Chairs
From the collection of: Lasagne Lady Fitch
Located in : Furniture, Outdoors


This set was Christmas present from my partner. I was so thrilled. It has been with me for 12 years and shows no sign of deteriorating. It is the gift that keeps on giving- always there to support me in a breakfast, lunch or dinner. The chairs swirl around and provide easy access to a Hollywood HIlls view. Their unique barrel construction seems indestructible. I wonder what was in the barrels before my butt.

What Allee has to say about this:
That’s some fantastic partner to have bestowed this upon you and not to have kept it for themselves! I believe I have swiveled in these very chairs and I can attest to the fact that they are so comfortable it’s crazy.

The set’s in amazing condition, especially if it’s lived outside for 12 years. I also see a couple of the fish ashtrays you’ve submitted to the Museum on the table.

I hope you do a lot of barbecuing on your patio as this is the perfect place to suck down ribs and whatnot.