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Detroit Institute of Arts.
October 26, 2015

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On October 26, 2015 the dream of Detroit dreams happened if your goal was to stage a sing-along of a song you wrote to celebrate your city at the crownest of crown jewels in that city. For two and a half years I tried to set one such sing-along up at the DIA a.k.a. The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit’s foremost bastion of art. Hustled through a flurry of receptionists and low rungers I eventually gave up, content with the 60 other fabulous locations that agreed to host sing-alongs.

Then out of the blue in the summer of 2015 a friend texted me that her college roommate was married to the new CEO of the DIA and did I want to do a sing-long there. And the day after that another friend emailed that she was friends with the new CEO of the DIA and did I want to talk to him about my project. Of course I said YES and so it happened!

My life has been a series of timing synchronicities - things rarely working out at the time I’m working on them but somehow come careening back into my life when I randomly sit next to someone at a dinner party or maybe the world has just caught up and it's the perfect time for something to happen.

So thank you, Salvador Pons-Salort. This was a THRILLING day at The DIA as evidenced in the photos below