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You must be logged in to SAVE or SUBMIT jungle music. You DON'T have to be logged in just to listen to other peoples' jungle music or to make some music of your own. But you DO need to be logged in to SUBMIT, SAVE your jungle music or to VOTE.

If you just want to listen to the submissions and vote instead of
composing something, hit the cute little button that looks like this: 
Listen and Vote
If you want to compose, read on…
1: Like many apps, this one is processor intensive. So TURN OFF as many other programs as you can stand.
2: TURN UP your speakers.
3: CLICK ANY OF OUR BEAUTIFUL HEADS in the giant leaf to preview what each instrument sounds like.
  CLICK whatever instrument you want to start with.   Instrument
4: CLICK A SQUARE ON THE TRACKS GRID to place the instrument you've chosen in it. (This is not a 'drag and drop' situation.
  It's a 'click on an instrument then click on a square' situation.)   Square
    PLEASE NOTE: If a clip is longer than the space available on the grid, you won't be able to place it there.
    PLEASE NOTE: You may experience some latency when you click on the grid. But fear not, your instrument will play.
Jungle Animals are sensitive and may need a little time.
5: Click TORCH IT to select the 'delete' tool should you need to erase anything. There are two options to delete:
To delete an instrument : Click the 'TORCH IT (instrument)' button and then click the Torch Instrument
instrument (head) in the tracks grid that you want to erase. It will disappear when you do this.  
To delete everything: Click the 'TORCH IT (whole song)' button and it will clear your entire composition.   Torch Song
  Note: You will be out of the TORCH IT/Delete mode as soon as you choose another instrument (head)
to compose with. I.e. You are still in Delete mode until you select an instrument (head) in the giant leaf.
6: Continue building your song. Each instrument can be used as often as you want (unless the clip is longer than the space available on the grid).
Click the shapely hippo PLAY button to preview your song from the beginning at any time. If you Play
want to hear it from a particular spot, click the PLAY FROM HERE buttons at the top of the tracks grid.  
8: Once you've finished your jungle music…
If you still want to work on it hit SAVE AS DRAFT. (If you hit SAVE
AS DRAFT you can go back to it -log in and click on 'My Jungle Music'- and keep composing at a later time.)
Save as Draft
If you're 100% finished and want everyone to hear it, hit SUBMIT. (Once you
hit SUBMIT you can no make changes as your composition will be public.) To hear any of your jungle music, just log in and click on 'My Jungle Music'.
Listen and vote on all submissions.   Listen and Vote
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